A 2020 Badge of Merit

Let's be honest, we ALL deserve a badge of merit for 2020.

Every year at BNB we like to create an Annual Badge of Merit and send it out to our friends, clients, supporters and teammates.

In 2020, the weirdest of years, I think we ALL deserved a badge of merit. But especially you. For the hours upon hours of video calls. For navigating day-to-day business in the middle of a pandemic. For everyone's flexibility as we locked down, worked from home, and upended our lives in so many ways.

This year marks the tenth(!) year that we've presented Badges of Merit as our token of appreciation and celebration. And the first(!) we've broken with our tradition of circular badges. But in a year where all our lives were expressed through rectangular zoom calls - shouldn't our annual memento show that format too?

Badge and Card


Seriously though, the new year is a time to look back, and forward. We're so grateful for the incredible opportunities and challenges we've had, for your part in those, and the exciting new possibilities of 2021. Ad astra per aspera!