The Great Escape(s)

in which nerds are pretty good at puzzles

The clock is ticking!

We've developed a bit of an escape room habit here at BNBHQ, and tackled two of them just this summer. The owners at Breakout KC are also FOBNB*, so they're our go-to choice. These are pretty great little experiences: you're locked in a room, you have one hour to solve a bunch of puzzles and escape.

To a bunch of nerds, this is basically catnip.

Ashley & Clay
Andy & Josh
Matt & Clay

The first room we tackled this summer was to celebrate the end of Brock's internship and send him off to his adventure in the Peace Corps (*waves in Cambodian*). We crushed that room, getting the second-best all time record, and Breakout asked us back to do another one on the house, if we agreed to talk on camera about why we do these as a company. So we did! We're not above a little \#sponcon here at BNB.

After some reflection it is pretty clear why we enjoy these. Escape rooms are fun because they're not just 'team-building', but because they are a short short, focused project where we can see our team operating at high efficiency. For us, they feel like team-flexing.


We are pretty good at these escape rooms, and there's a lot of overlap in our day-to-day work. We tackle complex problems with unknown components, we divide and conquer challenges, we trust that our colleagues can handle their parts well, and we communicate nonstop.

It's great proof of what a well-oiled machine we are becoming at BNB.

Breakout followed us through the room and took these glamour shots of us as we worked. They're all closeups, so we don't accidentally give away the game's secrets!

And also: we CRUSHED that second room too.