Matt Kirkland

Matt's a designer and planner who gets way too excited about things. He spends his free time playing with his children, reading books old enough to be your great-grandfather, and starting overambitious side projects.

    Those projects currently include:
  • Accidentally starting 'the internet's biggest book club' at
  • Publishing a series of seven novels at Don't be impressed, he didn't write them - just designed and published them.
  • A Cuneiform-Tablet-as-a-Service startup called No seriously, send Matt a tweet and he'll send you back a clay tablet in the mail.
  • A liquor review site that only covers baijiu, the world's most popular spirit that nobody's ever heard of:
  • Trying to visit every sculpture by the medieval German carver Tilman Riemenschneider, who is amazing, by the way.

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