Our Parental Leave Pledge

BNB <3's families.

Look, we've got a soft spot for babies.

Babies are great, and families are the best. Babies are great, but they're not easy! We want to make sure that when our staff adds a child to their family, we're there to support them. So we're signing on to the Parental Leave Pledge, a movement of creative companies to support their employees by committing to real parental benefits that support families.

We were actually already meeting the requirements for the pledge - but nevertheless we are proud to sign onto the pledge and throw our modest weight behind this movement. Many jobs here in the US have poor or no parental leave options, and we can do much, much better.

At Brand New Box, our employees get:

  • Three months paid leave for the primary caregiver
  • One month paid leave for the secondary caregiver
  • Full medical benefits during paid leave
  • and a return-to-your-job guarantee

While we're a small company, we've already had two families take advantage of this policy (welcome Luca and Axel!). This is exciting: we're happy to support new and growing families.

Plus, really, Matt and Nate are both suckers for newborns.