We're working remotely for a while 😷💻🏠

It's a weird time in the world. With quarantines, shutdowns, and other preventative measures, some of our partners have asked about our operations plans. Here's a quick update.

We're going all-remote for the time being, but otherwise working normally.

We're doing our part to #flattenthecurve here by going all-remote for a while. We build digital superpowers for our clients at BNB, and if there's ever an industry that's suited for working from home, it's ours. We have shared physical offices that we usually work in, and enjoy the camaraderie and connections that happen from working in the same spaces. But it's also easy for us to set up at home and work remotely.

And we've got some practice at this! Will, Ashley, and Matt have all taken turns operating remotely from Europe, Will is currently in New Zealand, and we all live and die on Slack anyway. (Ashley even wrote a blog post about her experience working from Switzerland last fall.)

We expect to work normally and serve our clients as usual. Plans and schedules are all unchanged so far, but if you have questions about your projects, please reach out to us!