Welcome Ted!

Much taller in real life

Hi, I'm Ted.

I currently reside in St. Louis, MO with my wife Lydia and our 3 lovely children (at the time of writing they are ages: 4, 2, and 6 months). I absolutely love the outdoors and am fortunate to live in such a bio-diverse state. I really enjoy farm-to-table and tail-to-nose cooking, gardening, tinkering, reading anything from John Eldredge, and not sitting still. I hold a leadership position at my local church and get the privilege to speak at several Bible camps during the summer.

I took a less-than-traditional path to software engineering, having spent the first 7 years of my career in the healthcare industry. In late 2021, after some talks with Will Carey, a close friend who works at BNB, my wife and I decided it was time to make the transition into software engineering. I went through a 3 month engineering 'bootcamp' and then went through the intern program here at BNB. None of this was easy, nor would it seem 'normal' to quit a career with a growing family...but I have a pretty low tolerance for being 'normal'/doing things the easy way.

For the capstone project of my bootcamp, I decided to take on a Rails project. This was fun because we had not learned anything about Rails yet, so most of the work was self guided. The idea behind the project was to create a way for people to track their spending habits/learn how to budget their money. In about two weeks time I had a very basic CRUD app that I thought was awesome.

When I began the BNB internship, we decided to make my little CRUD app actually awesome. I spent several weeks working on the app and adding all sorts of Ruby gems. Below are some screenshots from the app, as well as a summary of some of the gems including therein.

Here are some bits and pieces from my personal project:

Landing Page
The landing/welcome page
Show Page
An individual month 'show' page
Tool Page
Some of the available tools
Tool Page Continued
Some additional tools

Let's talk Gems

This project uses some really cool Ruby gems. I am using Devise (for user auth), Trestle (for admin pages), Chartkick.js (for the charts/displays), stimulus.js (for handling API fetch calls and for working the magic on the tool forms), RSpec (for testing), will-paginate (for pagination), faker (for database seeding), and image_processing and mini-magick (for photo uploads...the user's can upload a profile photo).

Looking forward:

I learned an awful lot from this project/internship and it has been really rewarding to take the knowledge gained from this experience and apply it to professional projects. One of the things I am really excited about is the opportunity to keep learning and growing my skills as developer. I really enjoy writing the code to put the product that the client desires on the client's computer screen. I am REALLY excited to be part of the team here at Brand New Box!