A heartfelt thank you

Friends of BNB:

As we wrap up 2018, I want to take a minute to thank you - yes, our friends, partners, clients, but specifically YOU - for the ways you let Brand New Box be a part of your life this year.

2018 was a big year here at Brand New Box! This was a year of growth in our staff and capabilities, and expansion of what we're doing for our clients. We served dozens of client organizations and literally millions of users. Some highlights:

🏋️‍ We took on new projects like:

⚡️ Building a robust energy management platform. This started with a proof of concept for the client, which they used to win a global innovation challenge, and now we're building the whole thing.

😎 A new site for the City of San Diego Parks department

🏄 A new site for the California State Parks department

🕵️ Some secret projects that we can't talk about, including a proof-of-concept desktop application

💪 We improved our other clients platforms, like:

🎸 Merchtable, including new infrastructure changes that allow them to have really big flash sales (their biggest sales ever came this year, again) and a new layouts feature that lets managers customize their storefronts

👩‍🎓 The Institute, where we added thousands of users, and created new features to handle other kinds of training (like in-person events and white-labeled functions for other brands).

👶 FRIENDS National Center, where we build search tools for their child-abuse prevention resources, and the Protective Factors Survey (launching... soonish)

🌷 IRIS, where we built and rolled out big changes that allows the platform to be used by more communities, and designed a new exploratory onboarding guide

🎻 Odradek, where we improved their existing platforms, and plotted out an amazing secret new project

🚌 Kansas Department of Education's TASN, where we added features and now support over 12,000 educators

🚙 🎖 🌊 Several public engagement projects, including ones for major highway construction projects like the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway reconstruction in NYC and I-84 in Connecticut, military projects overseas, and water management projects in the US.

🔜 and other projects! We have a handful we can't talk about yet.

What else?

✈️ We sent team members to visit clients everywhere

🎉 Speaking of team members! We added new faces this year:

  • Ashley and Mark came on full time this summer
  • Hannah, Madison, and Brock worked with us as interns

💅 We launched new updated branding for BNB - business cards, collateral, new years cards and badges, and this new website.

🏢 We upgraded our office; moving into a nice spot with better lighting and space for everybody. And then when that wasn't big enough either, we also expanded to our new pair-programming space, aka the Jaeger Pilot Annex.

👨‍🏫 We shared what we know. We gave lectures at the KU's Computer Science department, taught a semester-long intro on Interaction in the Design department, shared our story at 1 Million Cups, and more.

📈 We're ramping up for a busy and exciting new year. Thank you for letting Brand New Box be a part of your life, and here's to a great 2019!

With thanks,
All of us at BNB