Happy New Year

New year, new you

Happy New Year! Every year at Brand New Box we make a Badge of Merit, and send it out with our annual New Years cards. A few years ago we majorly upgraded our cards by getting them printed by letterpress wizard Inkello, aka Christy Schneider. This year we stuck with our new confetti symbols, which Matt has been sprinkling liberally on every piece of collateral we produce.

The Badge of Merit is a token of appreciation for the year behind. The New Years card is an optimistic look forward to the year ahead.

Card Hero
This year's card and badge together.

Shhhh, the card has secret

Our New Years card also has a method behind its confetti-induced madness: it also pulls double duty as a calendar. This is maybe a little obscure? Maybe. But we love to play a little bit hard to get.

Each column on the card is a month. See the second column from the left and notice how it's a bit shorter than the rest? That's February. Each hollow square represents a weekday, and each piece of the BNB confetti is a weekend.

The calendar is subtle, and designed for crossing off days in a row. Mark your New Year's Resolutions directly on the card! Maybe you could use it to try out a new habit? Mark a string of achievements?

Card Commitments
New year, new you
Card Commitments
New year, new you?

If you do use your card for this, please let us know! We'd love to cheer you on in your new endeavor. Here's to a new year.

Card Commitments
Come on, you know you're happier without facebook.