Mobility Mapping

A flexible mapping platform for public works.

We work on quite a few small websites that center around getting public participation: usually this is a municipal or state planning project, like planning a new park or rebuilding a highway. Many of these needed some kind of map interface, and our clients were tired of cobbling together solutions.

So! We developed a modern, flexible platform to gather feedback from citizens about proposed civic projects. Users can browse a map, drop a pin, and provide their ideas and feedback.

A few ways it's been used so far:

The City of San Diego used this to gather feedback about cycling and transportation challenges in the University City neighborhood, around UC San Diego.

The New York City Department of Transportation used it to gather feedback about an upcoming restoration of the famous BQE, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

And the Connecticut Department of Transportation uses it to alert driveways about highway construction, as they rebuild a particularly hairy section of I-84.

We even use it ourselves - to be friendly neighbors.