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Full Stack Developer

We’re looking for a full stack Ruby on Rails developer at BNBHQ in Lawrence, KS. You’ll be responsible for maintaining existing client projects and creating whole new applications. We’re a small, familial team so you’ll be responsible for more than just programming.

You’ll communicate directly with clients both in writing and verbally. You’ll think through what you’re building and make sure that it makes sense from both the client and user perspective, always paying attention to the details. We work with a short feedback loop so you’ll get to see the results of your effort go out into the world and immediately impact the end users of our projects.

We love Ruby and we primarily work with Ruby on Rails. You’ll work on new and our existing projects both as part of a team and independently. You’ll follow and help contribute to our technical standards so we can consistently keep our quality high now and in the future. Speaking of those technical standards, you’ll use them in code reviews, code testing, documentation, and the QA of end user interfaces. Many of our projects are long running so you’ll consider the future maintainability of your code whenever you commit to the repo.


Rails is easy to learn and hard to master, so you’ll need 2+ years of experience creating and maintaining Rails applications. You’ll need to know enough devops to get our projects up on the internet and keep them running. You’ll be on a team so working nicely with others is critical everywhere from interpersonal relationships with your teammates to making sure you keep shared git branches clean for others. You’ll need strong written and verbal communication skills, we’re a small enough crew that there will rarely be anyone between you and the client on any given project.

We have interesting clients who send us balloons and katanas for Valentine's day.

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If after we review your application and we choose to move forward, the following interviews will typically take place over the course of 3-5 days (depending on scheduling):

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If this sounds like you, we’d love to have you apply! We are big fans of working remote so this position is open to candidates local to the Kansas City area, and anyone legally able to work in the US.

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